Chrome extensions are a great way to improve a user’s workflow. They reduce context switching and enable the developer’s flow. Here’s how to make them in React.

Creating a React application
Making it an extension
Adding Functionality
Adding it to Google Chrome Webstore

Creating a React application

The first thing you’ll want to do is create your React application. To streamline this process we’ll use create-react-app in combination with the Typescript template. In this guide, we’ll create a simple extension for rolling dice. …

The main idea behind math in idle games is exponentiality.

Idle or Clicker games are games typically meant to be played passively with the goal of amassing incredible wealth, defeating increasingly difficult monsters, building empires — you name it.

This wasn’t always a popular genre, but its roots go back quite a while. The first Idle game created is attributed to Progress Quest, released in 2002 and the community flourished from then on. …

The app must be finished and deployed on Monday — No excuses!

In March we slowly started distancing from each other. In April we went into lockdown. As people started getting disconnected from each other and we got way more free time on our hands we saw it as an opportunity.

We had a plan. One weekend — one app. After an intensive brainstorming session we had an idea to accompany that plan. We created Warbly — A competitive karaoke guessing game.

Keep reading to learn the most important lesson we took away from this development session.

A group of friends playing Warbly
A group of friends playing Warbly.


It is no…

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